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August 13, 2006


Ryan Bell

The Adventist blogosphere is abuzz with Standish's editorial words. I'm wondering if he's had any backlash? This is a day I've been longing for for about 4 years. A day when our Religious Liberty and Public Policy arm of the church is concerned about more than whether Adventists are free to worship on Sabbath. There are bigger issues at stake in the world, it seems. In fact, if memory serves, God's people are the ones who should be found forgoing their rights to serve "the least of these." Bravo to Brother Standish!

Chris Daley

Standish's courage, combined with the stroke of his pen elevated him to true servant leadership status in religious liberty. In a matter of conscience, he modeled this through a tender, personal parable. I have a sense that his approach has all the trademarks on how Jesus would use his anger for a greater spiritual purpose. He would not make a church's potential uneasiness deaden his conscience. Like Jesus in the temple, he showed personal authority, strength, and character. This was no impulsive outburst, but like his Heavenly master, he displayed anger at those who would desecrate the holy principle of peace making.
He showed anger towards half-baked, timid commitment to the Gospel's radical call of peace making.
We will look back at this moment as a key milestone when we broaden the garment of religious liberty to cover more that the vital areas of Sabbath keeping, and conscientious objection, which even seemed to be frayed at the edges. Go James, go! Keep turning over those tables and bring a fuller, broader restoration on what it means to practice religious liberty.

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