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February 06, 2009


Davis Michael Emille

I had the pleasure of being under the influence of this awesome ministry for about six months before I moved to NYC in 2004. Dynamic. If more leaders of congregations would follow this concept, how much more impacting will we be in our war against systems of darkness?
Davis Michael Emille

Art Funkhouser

I was was active in the Church of the Saviour in the years between 1967 and 1971. My time there and the encouragement and fellowship I experienced there changed my life (for the better!). Mary and Gordon Cosby are high on my list of saints. Thank you for writing this article but I suppose space didn't permit a mention of the Dayspring Retreat facility at Germantown (does it still exist?). That little place in the woods changed lots of lives as well.

Monte Sahlin

I have been told the Dayspring is no longer functioning, but I am not certain of that. It may just be rumor.

Mike Hickcox

Monte - You mention audio cassettes of Gordon Cosby speaking to seminarians in the '70s. May I use, or make, digital copies of, those tapes? I manage SoundTheology.org - recordings of important religion presentations, with a slant toward progressive Christianity. Please check out the site.
- I'm also a member of, and website manager, for Church of the Covenant - ChCov.org. We are a sister church to Church of the Saviour, started by Gordon Cosby's brother, Bev (Lynchburg VA.)
Please let me know if you might make those recordings available for SoundTheology.org.
- Thank you!

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