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October 15, 2013


Carrol Grady

I agree that Matthew presents his case very clearly and convincingly, and I appreciate your posting this, Loren.

Another thought on this issue that I think should be especially convincing to Seventh-day Adventists is the idea of "present truth."

Jesus told his disciples that He had more to tell them that they could not bear, so He would send His Spirit to guide them into all truth. I believe this means that God does not reveal more truth until people are ready and willing to hear it.

When our church started we believed that Jesus' imminent return and the Sabbath were "present truths" - truths that people were ready to hear and accept.

As I have seen the explosion of new information about homosexuality in the past few decades, and the struggles of nearly every denomination, as well as other world religions over this issue, I cannot help but believe that this is a "present truth" that the Holy Spirit is bringing to our attention. If we fail to recognize it, we will look back in shame.


Carrol, I'm familiar with this idea, but I'm not sure how useful it is. Most conservative churches aren't looking for new truth: they're conservative precisely because they're sticking with the old truths. Just because in the past someone got a new idea doesn't mean we want any now.

Arthur Gibbs

Not all hetro people are married to their perfect spouse. Some of them are alone too, but they don't get to got find a few more wives to help with the lonesomeness. Read this:


Above is a link to an article I feel is one of the best things I have ever read on the subject of being gay and Christian. I thought it was very powerful and thought provoking. I know the path he took in life won't be chosen by everyone but he makes a good point. Homosexuality is a life full a tough choices. You
just can't have it all: universal acceptance, children, conservative
religion, God's approval, etc... I thought the way and where he ended up was amazing. Just sharing.


There is very bad theology in it. Protestant Apostasy is great evident in this video. He keeps referring to the church, the church, but our beliefs should be based upon the Bible and the Bible only.


Arthur, that is as fascinating piece you shared! Thanks! As you said, not everyone will do the same, but that's an amazing couple, and I do admire them for doing what they feel is God's will for their lives.
Loren Seibold

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