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May 28, 2006


Mike Fortune

This book you refer to Why Christians Don't Vote for Democrats reminded me of a pastor friend of mine whose church got mad at him because he finally told them he voted Democrat in the last election...

Sherman Haywood Cox II

As you note, I think it interesting that the Christian party believes in bombing Iraq under false pretenses and then try to say that they never used those false pretenses. Defend that war and yet say nothing about the genocide in Darfur.

It is intersting that the christian party doesn't mind ignoring the possibility that structural racism even exists. That Christian party beleives in cutting social programs while increasing military programs. That christian party even believes in cutting benefits to its veterans while at the same time making a ton more of them...

Instead of saying that Christians have to prioritize different conflicting ideals when no party really shows the principles of Christ. Instead of acknowledging that we may have to make a pragmatic decision and Christians may end up on different sides...Instead of being responsible he says that if you are a Christian you must vote for for a warmongering anti-poor administration...Just because the lieing adminstration is against homosexual marriage....

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