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May 11, 2006


Lasse Bech

I'm not sure Bacchiocchi showed that it was Constantine, who shifted the day. It seems to me he sees the change already during Hadrians reign in the Church at Rome.


Lasse, You are right about that. I meant to indicate only that Bacchiocchi's research (as well as that of others) shows that there was a definite point, post-NT, when the change was made ... and largely for political or cultural reasons.

Wayne Krause

I am constantly amazed and challenged by the fact that people who say they have led a life of so called growth in Christ can be so intolerant of others. How can followers of love (the ultimate definition of God) be nasty to others? Do we think God needs us to defend Him? I think He is big enough to defend himself. It is a film for crying out loud. I for one am glad people are talking about spiritual things. As a pastor I will be encouraging my people to see the film and will be using various means to help my church dialogue with those interested in the issues the film makes. Lets try and be a bit proactive rather than reactive.

Lasse Bech

And I agree totally with you Monte, that this should just be seen as an opportunity to talk about the issues raised by the book/movie. The sabbath is an obvious one for adventists.

This is a good example of what Dan Brown does in the book: taking something that is almost a fact, and connects it with a series of "almost" facts. The recipie if all good conspiracy theories.

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