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August 07, 2006



Monte, sometimes you really get it.


Thank you!

Chris Daley

I want to first of all commit to pray to this young couple who have taken up front line position
in the great enterprise of communicating the Good News (remember, use words if necessary) .
Yes, even with better tools, breaking through the fog and clanging in people's lives is a daunting task.
I pray that their congregation will be discerning enough to separate means and message. I have a strong hunch that
they bring new wine skins to share the Gospel in a clear, compelling , and relevant manner. I pray that they will model the Christian journey as real flesh and blood people, and treat all people with the dignity and respect that the life in God invites us to. I pray that their church will be that deep well in Cincinnati to satisfy the community's spiritual thirst.


Amen! Amen! Keep watching; one of these days I am going to post more about their experimental ministry and the link to their web site.

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