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October 10, 2006



Monte, Can you give me a reference for this new poll? I'd like to blog it. Thanks.

chris daley

Tis the season when political hyperbole is hitting a fever pitch. I got a needed grounding by seeing the play, State of the Union that portrays all the key players in a political season prior to the 1948 election. Having a historical as well as an art perspective was welcomed relief. The powerful punch line of the play, no I won’t give it away (it’s the last line of the play) is prophetic in a sense. In
this political season, personal morality is the featured football to be kicked around but desperate pols, idea-deficient, trying to create leadership turnovers. History has shown that the American people has a reservoir of grace that does not cast broad condemnation on all for the sins of a few. They are capable to wade through the mud slinging, and trash talking to hear signal calls of great quarterbacks and vote them on to victory. The braying of the donkey and the pran pran of the elephant has stifled the wider hearing of a very reasoned dialog of Jack Danforth in his book, Faith and Politics. It’s like going an entire football season without the commentary of a John Madden. I pray for the day when a political center can again emerged, where the art of sensible comprise can flourish.


Selin, I saw it in the New York Times on October 9.

Chris, the Danforth book is top notch!! I just started reading it. I will probably post it on my recommended reading list if the rest of the book is as good as the first chapter-and-a-half.

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