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June 17, 2007


Sherman Haywood Cox II

Provocative thought. You have unified the Christian call to self-denial with the calls of Social Justice. This is deserving of more amplification...

God Bless...

Ryan Bell

I agree with Sherman. This is a brilliant way to connect the pietistic impulse of self-denial and personal surrender to Jesus ("Jesus is my personal Savior") with the call of Luke 4, etc to live a life poured out for the world. Whenever I think along these lines, which is often as you know, I frequently recall this quote by N.T. Wright...

"But if we are to be kingdom-announcers, modeling the new way of being human, we are also to be crossbearers. This is a strange and dark theme that is also our birthright as followers of Jesus. Shaping our world is never for a Christian a matter of going out and arrogantly thinking we can just get on with the job, reorganizing the world according to some model that we have in mind [secular left-wing politics?]. It is a matter of sharing and bearing the pain and puzzlement of the world so that the crucified love of God in Christ may be brought to bear healingly upon the world at exactly that point" (The Challenge of Jesus, 188-189).

Ryan Bell

After reading what I just wrote and quote from Wright it occurs to me that "secular left-wing politics" and the "crusading" of right-wing evangelism have a lot in common. That commonality is, in Wright's words, "arrogantly thinking we can just get on with the job, reorganizing the world according to some model that we have in mind."

Neither the crusading of conservative Christian colonizers nor the socialism of left-wing secular politics is the way of Jesus. The way of Jesus is always and will always be, a cross!


Sometimes we need to see ourselves through the perspectives of others. Good movies provide such a medium. I would like to produce a movie that intertwines the wrestling match of Romans 7 and the practice of Luke 10's defining of a neighbor.We want to do good, but get constrained by the norms of self and culture. The parable of the good Samaritan is pregnant with quintuplets as we wrestle with the idea of social justice in a local and global village. When we find our liberation in Romans 8, we will celebrate God's covenant love through Samaritan like actions.


Chris, my power to you! That movie needs to be made. Your linkage between Luke 10 and Romans 7-8 is right on!

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