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August 20, 2007



I haven't seen this series but just heard about it this week. I'm going to be on the look out for it.

What I have noticed about atheists is how aggressive they are. If there is no God, what difference does it make to them that I believe there is? I don't understand the viciousness and the anger.


I don't know, but I suppose that the possibility that there is a God, as implied in the lives of people of faith, can be threatening to someone who is convinced there is no god. It also true that a lot of believers are also quite angry and vicious. Unfortunately those traits seem to be widespread among human beings, one reason why I believe we need God even if we eventually discover that He isn't precisely what conventional religion has always pictured Him as being. I don't need a hereafter to be a person of faith; the benefits in the present are enough.

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