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November 16, 2007



I am very thankful for your guidance on how to use this powerful tool of segmentation.
I was jolted into this reality by a recent conversation.I inquired about an Adventist
who had recently become prominent in public life. I got a quick retort that this person was a badventist, not a good Adventist. This is not a new challenge, but one that was eloquently addressed by Augustine - "In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, liberty,In all things, charity. I do not wish to boil down the richness, and nuance of scriptural truths into a slogan. However, the spirit of Augustine's sentiment is a call to a divine-strength
grace initiative that will bind the variety of Christians together with ties that cannot be broken.


I have heard comments over the years about church members who became elected officials that they were "not really" faithful members. I think part of this is the assumption on the part of the politically unsophisticated that anyone who ventures into the world of politics cannot possible remain faithful to church teachings and standards. I was told by a friend from Zimbabwe several years ago that the church there routinely disfellowships anyone who enter politics. I asked him why this happened and he told me that church members felt that a person cannot work in politics without taking bribes, so they are prima facie dishonest and therefore cannot remain in the church. The same spirit seems to drive gossip in the churches here in the U.S. Unfortunately it is an attitude concocted more from ignorance than ethics.

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