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September 13, 2008



Permit me to give a shout out to the leadership of Action in Montgomery. These community organizers are the gold standard of the profession. They have been able to provide effective leadership to an inter-faith (33 congregations), non-partisan organization in Montgomery County, Maryland. The secret sauce I have experienced with these folks is the discipline of keeping on issue without an ideological bias.
Check them out at http://www.actioninmontgomery.org.


The AIM organizers are truly from the gold standard; trained and resourced by the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago, the original group that created the concept. There is more to the discipline than keeping focused on the agreed upon issues/goals, but that is certainly a key part.

Loren Seibold

I heard a commentator a few weeks ago make the observation that at the Republican National Convention there was endless making fun of community organizers, but that it was precisely good community organizing that pushed Obama over the top. The sarcasm about Obama having been a community organizer at the RNC was surprising: whether you liked him or not, it seems a noble thing to do—at least as impressive as being an elected politician.

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