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August 30, 2009



Thanks for this forum to express our thought regarding the truly remarkable life of Sen. Ted Kennedy.
He was a legislator of profound skill. Although he defended his core convictions, he skillfully practiced the art of compromise to achieve momentum rather than stalemate.
He practiced when I summarized as the 3Ps.
The power of purpose allows you to be connected to a cause that stretches your faith fibers in building God's Kingdom.
The power of possibility gives you an expanding vision of how God can take the ordinary and create the extraordinary.
The power of passion provides the high octane fuel and the perseverance needed to realize your goals.
It is however as the title stated an end of an era.
The question is what we can take from the past, refine, and provide new wine skins to address the current and future challenges.
A model that I have developed a growing admiration is the Gates foundation model. He addresses three of my foci, healthcare, agriculture, and education. Like salt and light, without much limelight, he is affecting change on a global basis.

Renee Hernandez

I too am saddened at the passing of Sen. Kennedy. He was the "lion's roar" in the senate standing for civil rights and seeking to help the poor and under served of our country.There is another song you may like by Jackson Browne "Wonderment" more recent along the lines of Dion's song which I love too.

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