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August 06, 2009



Maybe this study will prompt us to diversify our means of outreach.
I affirm your efforts over the years to present new innovation means to the US space.
I cringed each time I see a US leader in some village in Africa or India picking the harvest of some foreign land, while leaving his/her field unplowed.
Maybe we will prayerful consider how we can partner with the Spirit to share the Good News right here, right now!

David MIlls

Great insights into Door to Door. Ed Stetzer has also done some research on this issue and reports that in best situation, "Only 39 percent of those
surveyed who attend church rarely, on holidays, or never would be okay with someone coming to their door and inviting them to church, according to the survey." This number goes down when we go to non-protestant, middle class or politically liberal communities, according to Ed's research. We counsel new churches to use a completely different approach that starts with needs assessment. More info on this at http://www.compassionbydesign.org.wordpress.

Monte Sahlin

I met today with the annual professional meeting of congregational studies researchers and Ed is supposed to join us tomorrow. I agree with him 100 percent on this one. In fact, the major use of my time these days is helping congregations with needs assessments that lead to the most effective strategy for each congregation, according to its unique context, gifts and mission.

Bill Diehl

I became a baptized evangelical Christian through the door to door efforts of a fine Seventh-day Adventist gentleman who was giving out gospel literature each week. He merely left a tract at our home each Saturday and then after about four weeks he knocked on our door. I had been enjoying reading the tracts and so I invited him in. He had a flip chart with him which explained why Christ died on the cross and told me about the forgiveness of sin. I aske him if I could visit his church with him and then I joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church six months later. I praise the Lord that He found me and lead me to join a bible believing church group. Bill Diehl

Monte Sahlin

Bill, what year did this happen?

James Howe

Jehovahs' witnesses statistics are freely available on www.watchtower.org

House to house ministry by JW's is based on Acts 20:20. Also Matthew 24:14 indicates that global preaching of the kingdom is a sign to be seen during the last days hence even if Jw's make not one convert they will continue to preach. They note that Noah saved only himself and 7 others, Jeremiah zero response, Jesus only had 70 to 120 active disciples.

Another comparison to note is that JW's study a lot more with an interested person before they are baptised and highlight God's high moral standards which many tday are unwilling to accept.


Jehovah's Christian Witnesses do not believe that one earns salvation by preaching...but believe that one who has true faith will obey the command of Jesus to "go and make disciples" as he said in Matt. 28:18-20. One who really believes will be moved by his or her faith in their heart to confess or make public declaration of the good news of the Bible, including that God raised Jesus from the grave as Romans 10:12-18 says.

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