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February 05, 2010


Judi Hewes

Excellent comparison. Thanks for being fair to the "good intentions" of the Idaho group, while also being fair in showing that there are much better ways to turn your desire to help into an effective, supportive, meaningful, help and team-building encouragement for those in leadership.

Jason Wood

I'm concerned with how we gloss over the actions of the arrested church group as good intentions. They claim to have been involved in adoptions and child protection in the past. Why would they think for a second they could round up a bunch of kids like shells on the beach without the typical beaurocracy that they've known in the past?

Monte Sahlin

Jason, what leads me to guess that they had only the best of intentions is precisely what I stated: the typical negative attitude toward government and large, beauracratic institutions leads to a belief that because the Red Tape is seen as unnecessary in an emergency it will be ignored. Millions of Americans have been educated for decades (through propaganda) to believe that the normal processes of adoption or child welfare or any other social function is really unnecessary. They have been manipulated away from seeing any value in these processes, told that the professionals involved are just creating work in order to justify their salaries. This kind of anti-government, anti-institutional propaganda has been widespread and church people have been particularly vulnerable to it. I could be wrong and you may be right. We don't have conclusive, detailed evidence as yet. But that is how I read the situation from my experience.

peter caran

In the fluidity of our cultural values and traditions, we have even more reason to rely on the basic Biblical values impressed upon us by the Holy Spirit through prayer and "wrestling with the issues" and the sound Christian advise we get from our friends. All of this takes place before any such large actions of adoption and help for the people in crisis. Humbly speaking, I am aware that this easier said than done.

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