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February 15, 2010



Unfortunately, Adventists have not escaped from many of these Fundamentalist Evangelical beliefs. Many thinking Adventist have become pariahs in their own congregation because they believe in justice for all (regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation), they don't support school-sponsored prayer, they don't care what religion our Prez practices as long as he upholds the law, they believe that supporting war but abhorring abortion is inconsistent and they believe we all have a responsibility to assist the poor among us.

The point so many Evangelicals miss is that you can't legislate morality or conscience. Trying to rewrite history is really trying to brainwash future generations.

Monte Sahlin

It is a common thinking trap: If only we could make others be like us, then everything would be OK. It is present in all religions.

Renee Hernandez

Excuse me, but I do believe in justice for all & not discriminating against others in regards to their race,religion or sexual orientation. I also uphold the right of an individual's conscience to worship in the manner he/she chooses whether pauper/prince or president it is not up to me to dictate someones faith. The point I see in so many Adventist congregations is blindly following the most conservative organization and not standing for the founding principles of liberty because they do not want to be associated with "them".

Renee Hernandez

P.S. we do have a responsibility to take care of the poor among us always.

Renee Hernandez

P.S.S.I just reread the comments again and I get the first one now, it wasn't supporting the view I thought(duh me)anyway sometimes I am a little slow, ha ha... so I can laugh at myself easily.

Monte Sahlin

Renee, thanks for your responses and your honesty. None of us is perfect. I manage to miss the point about a third of the time.


Interesting post and comments. I agree with Monte that the Founders most certainly wanted to avoid the ruinous religious wars that had devastated Europe.

Monte is equally correct that while they were "Christian" many of the Founders were not exactly what we could consider orthodox. (It's important to also point out that many were.)

I'm saddened to hear that Trish and others with more liberal political views have been treated badly in Adventist circles. I see an alarming trend that on many Adventist blogs that seems to be heading in the other direction.

As political conservative, I believe in equal justice for all but not in government-mandated equal outcomes. I am agnostic on the question of school prayer. (I don't think that God is much honored by a prayer over a loud-speaker but the rationale used by the Courts to ban school prayer is little more than judicial legislating.) I do care what religion our president adheres to because that faith will inform his values and thus his decisions. I oppose abortion but I believe that war is sometimes unnecessary.
I also believe that Christians have a responsibility to assist the poor. I do not believe that Christian support for redistributive economic policies that use the police power of the government to forcibly seize peoples' wealth and redistribute it as politicians seee fit is what God had in mind.

These are my views and I hold them because my reason and my experience convinces me of their truth. But that does not mean that they are God's views. His ways are higher and better than mine or anyone else's. God is not a Republican, a Democrat, a conservative nor a liberal. The Cross makes a poor political bulletin board.

Monte Sahlin

David, I agree with your basic point that God's view of things is not expressed in the political positions of either the right or the left. Politics, after all, are rooted in human reason, which is tainted by sin and selfishness, while God's ways are perfect.


Hello Monte, thought you (and everyone who reads/comments on your blog), would be interested in this entry and the clip it has (the url is included below). I actually was going to attach the clip, but then saw sojo.net commented on it so I have attached the link. Interesting connection.



Actually, a great percentage of our founders were deist, not Christian.

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