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September 14, 2010


Rich DuBose

Thanks for this timely commentary on what is happening today. I'm afraid many of our leaders are not seeing the revolution that you have described. It is happening. We have only to look at our own lives and our circle of contacts to know that its true.


It is ironic that the Adventist church has a powerful logo expressing proclaiming the Gospel. However, the angels wings have been clipped in the 21st. century with the rapid evolution of new communication technologies.

There has also been a paradigm shift in communication from broadcasting to interacting. So one needs to develop a (know/like/trust) KLT factor using social media platforms.

Proficiency with these tools will allow us to increase our KTL factor and engage heads & hearts in a very crowded communication (attention-starved) space .


Chris, tell me more about KLT factor. That is a new term to me.


Monte, gladly! It's like asking Michael Jordon if he wants to play ball.

With over a trillion websites, Attention is the GOLD of the information economy

1) We have more relevant information than we can even begin to process
2) We are bombarded by unsolicited information, e.g. spam and frankly
Most advertisement and marketing is perceived as an intrusion or a nuisance at best
3) The speed of this new information is accelerating exponentially
4) So the real value of information starts to fall
5) Therefore, the amount of contradictions increase, with conflicted points of view: e.g. what really is true? Who can I really believe?

People are developing coping skill as we want the conflict resolved.
a) We buy devices to eliminate or manage our information diet (DVR, don’t call).
b) We trust the recommendations of our friends vs. advertisements
c) Here is an overview that captures a snapshot of the relevant stats.

In order to cut through the client’s clutter & filter, and make connection with them, one needs to effectively answer these five questions.
1) Why should I do business with you?
2) What makes you different?
3) How can I trust you?
4) Who are you?
5) What can you do for me?
(The KLT factor is the short-hand way of expressing these questions).

In a world increasing dominated by the internet one better have a systematic means of answering these questions by engaging them, not just interrupting them.

The relevant tools now become:
a) Compelling content (become great story tellers not just proclaimers of facts)
b) Connectivity through your persona (teacher is popular as it’s most respected profession). Your webinar on Adventist history was a great example of the teacher persona
c) Community (social media platforms) – they become your evangelists (virtual word of mouth)

Now, some of the new metric of success are:
1) Do they write about you?
2) Post on your blog
3) Forwards your content
4) Ask you about your stuff

We have a golden opportunity to be considered the ONLY one who understands and have a solution to the BIG problem folks have if we decide to be winners in the attention age!


Chris, I like this a lot. It seems that the new media may actually be humanizing communication and moving away from the inhuman nature of the old mass media!

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