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October 03, 2010



Having led the marketing of a national retailer, I understand corporate abuse at a very high level. Not only does corporate greed abuse the customer but the relentless need to manufacture more stuff so there is new stuff to sell to people who already have too much stuff abuses the earth's resources, and workers in Third World countries as well as our own and creates the endless cycle of consumerism so that greed is not just the sin of Gordon Gecko, but of every one of us who gets caught up in consumerism. Scary thought? Yep. Even scarier for me because I was promoting it which put me right up there with Gordon. Losing that marketing job was not the worst thing that ever happened to me. God was talking to me about promoting consumerism long before I got "downsized."


Hollywood and the media via giving voice to politicians play into our mental template of the greedy, ruthless business person. We continue to receive plenty of fodder to our mental image on how business is done to us and not many stories of honest business persons.

The current economic malaise has its genesis in monies pouring into Wall Street looking for gain, and agencies such as the SEC not doing their oversight job. Yes, there are pirates on Wall Street, but if we are going to profile sins, let’s be comprehensive. Plenty of accomplices can be found in DC.

Even so, I use the many examples of Jesus’ engagement with the unscrupulous business person. Matthew the tax collector and Zacheus comes to mind.
Given that grace always has the scent of scandal, how is the church doing in influencing the Street and the Hill?


Trish: I loved your comment - you articulated my response to this article so much better than I could, though I have never worked in marketing.

Revelation 18:12-13 lists 'things' considered valuable to people, beginning with the most valued to the least. Notice how human souls appear at the end of the list. Christians need to make every effort possible to turn this list on its head and make the least things of greatest priority, i.e. human souls first.

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