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November 25, 2010



I have long been interested in the money trail behind issues. (For example, the recent AZ border law was written and passage funded by the prison industry who saw this as an opportunity to make money by housing all the illegals rounded by the law.) When the issue of gay marriage first became a hot button issue, health insurance premiums, especially employer funded insurance, were rapidly escalating and public health officials were predicting an AIDS crisis.

Hmmmm...A 9-20-10 posting on The Michigan Messenger give a tantalizing hint. The article is mainly about the $1.4 million 2009 donation the Knights of Columbus ( a Catholic organization) gave to the National Organization for Marriage, a California non-profit group fighting against same-sex marriage. But the last paragraph of the article says something very interesting: The Knights, meanwhile, have come a long way from a lone fraternal council in New Haven to governing over 13,000 councils and 1.8 million members worldwide. “Their heritage was as an insurance company because Catholics were discriminated against and couldn’t get insurance,” observes Rev. Dr. Joseph Palacios, founding board member of Catholics for Equality. These days, however, they’re better known for fighting against the marriage rights of gays and lesbian citizens. http://michiganmessenger.com/42064/catholic-groups-spends-big-on-anti-same-sex-marriage-efforts

An examination of www.kofc.org does indeed reveal that they are a company offering "top-rated life insurance, long-term care insurance and retirement products. With more than $77 billion of insurance in force..." Their long term care insurance pays for long-term, out-of-hospital care (wonder if that includes long term care for AIDS).

So by fighting against gay marriage, they could effectively cut their insurance risk of alternate lifestyle policy holders in half because they would not have to extend spouse/family policies to such couples.

Let me be clear that I am speculating. I have no proof. Just putting together a few interesting facts and wondering if they fit. This issue has made for strange bedfellows.


The Christian faith is a family comprising a multitude of faith perspective. How do we have a sense of ‘family’ when the grace extended to ‘family’ members by the dominant polar groups is less than a ham sandwich in a Jewish deli?

Both factions also compete in the ideas marketplace to influence society and have their views codified in law. Does being salt and light exclude one from influencing the governing entities? How does one represent core convictions in the ideas marketplace and live within the spirit of Biblical calling and constitutional guard rails in a gracious manner?

The SPLC had a stellar history of exposing the wickedness of racism. However, it later times as they expand their portfolio, labeling your political opponents with emotional tar instead of presenting a body of data and analysis makes them marginal in my mind. Can’t live off your legacy, but need to bring it in every era.

It is my conviction that the on-looking world will not extend much love or trust in squabbling factions of our family.

Loren Seibold

There's a nuance here that's worth mentioning. The SPLC wasn't placed on that list for opposing gay marriage, but for opposing it for untrue reasons, such as that homosexuals are usually pedophiles—not at all true. It's interesting that those who have fired back at the SPLC haven't mentioned that. They have chosen to say that it was for religious reasons they were targeted.

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