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January 02, 2011



I am being a Missourian when it comes to the description of boomers as the most selfish generation. What is the measuring rod, and which other generations are included in this analysis?

Following the greatest generation who made the sacrifices of the Great War would certainly dwarf their contribution and involvement in an unpopular war.

Civil rights, affirmative action, Peace Corps racial integration are a few accomplishments of this generation that come to mind. You rightly noted the new pervasive influence of media, which injected an alternative value system.
This was not fully understood by the church and was left without a strong counter insurgency.

The boomers also came to ascendancy during a protracted economic boom time, which naturally lead to self sufficient times. The prophetic bullhorn that provided a whole life perspective was indeed muted.

Now that the economic party is over and the painful hangover is lingering, the lessons of Ecclesiastes would provide a road map to restore this generation to the narrow path and redeem their time.

Drick Boyd

Having just re-read Bowling Alone, I am struck how the decline in community and social capital has basically followed the boomers from the mid 1960's to the present. The fact that we (yes I am a boomer) are the most materialistic and individualistic generation speaks to the breakdown in connectedness in our generation. I fear we have had a negative effect overall.

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