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January 18, 2011



This is the first I've heard of this bill in the House...but I'm not surprised. In many of small communities of SE Ohio, CACs have a major position in the community with Head Start, Senior programs, Meals on Wheels, Job Services, transit systems and so much more.


It seems YOU are obsessed with YOUR POLITICAL WORLDVIEW. As an ordained minister of the church, you really should not be doing this. Liberals think the government should do for people. Conservatives think the private sector should more than the government and its red tape. And my point? Who are you to try to stick Christianity or the SDA church into all this? You can have your own political views but you are off track by glancing over at some of the books you have omn the side of this screen, etc. Christ didn't come for social or eco-justice. He came to save souls. I hear you work for the Ohio conference. You aren't the one who brought in the new age wanna be leonard Sweet to speak at a conference a while back are you?

Renee Hernandez

If it wasn't for some of these programs I would be living on the streets..I am disabled,an SDA, so much for "And they shared with those in need". I have gone To SDA churches telling them I was hungry etc...it did not help.Perhaps there are too many like the above poster in the pews!!


Apparently you must think all people haveto agree with your political world view on the size and role of government.
"As government expands...liberty contracts"


Talked with a local CAC official yesterday. Elimination of this block grant will have a devastating effect in our county--loss of health clinic that services the poor, loss of the ONLY public transportation system, loss of Head Start pre-school education for low income kids, loss of the job service bureau, loss of Meals on Wheels for shut-in seniors, closure of the Senior Center which supplies communal meals and services to many of the areas seniors...and the list goes on and on but every one of the services helps an at-risk population. Our local library will also lose 50% of its funding.

The worst part is that the cut is effective within 30 days of signing into law. There's no way these organizations can find alternative funding from foundations, etc. in 30 days. And what happens to all their annual contracts with doctors, other organizations ,etc.? If they default due to loss of the Block Grant--will the organization be responsible for damages/buyouts or ????

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