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May 19, 2011


Lisa F.

Could some of the trend also be that couples are legally staying married for healthcare and financial reasons, yet living seperate lives?


Lisa, that is a good point. I have not found any hard data, but I know that there must some increase of this kind of thing, just from stories I've heard.


Another reason I suspect for this shift is that a lot of people from my generation (the children of the boomers)have lived through the hell that divorce causes for kids and and don't want to pass that along, so they either don't marry or, if they do, put a higher priority on family.

I also suspect that those who have the right tools to keep a marriage together are more likely to get married than those who don't. Since it's now socially acceptable,those who don't have the tools (and would therefore have entered in to a bad marriage in a previous generation), simply live sexually illicit lives without making a commitment in marriage. So the marriages that are forming may be the creme of the crop and the other relationships never even make it to marriage stage.

The real indicator would be to see how many children are living in one parent households. That would tell us if we're actually succeeding in improving marriages or if the face of relationships is simply changing.

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