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September 11, 2011



"They" may not hate "us." But they do note our silence when they're demonized and attacked, and when our taxes and tithes support violence against them or laws that reduce their civic liberties.

The Church's legacy in my time has been silence and collusion with violence, and my generation knows it. Even those of us who love and have forgiven the Church recognize that it only has one way to reclaim its credibility -- and credibility is different from authority.

To reclaim credibility, hand-wringing with more of the same-old action is not enough. Only a different kind of action will suffice. Only a complete turn will do. Is the Church up for it? You tell me.

Andrew Nelson

Simply renouncing acts which the majority consider "evil" is not enough. You Monte, and your religion will have to convince an entire generation that you can show the same tact with far less lethal topics.

Homosexuality, divorce, substance abuse, "immorality", and most importantly a mere difference of opinion. Hiding behind the false superiority that you don't kill people as a product of your religions love and acceptance is of little consolation to the rest of the world who has most likely experienced more hatred than love at the hands of that religion.

Kudos for not having killed anyone in the name of your God... You're doing better than all the folks who wrote your sacred texts.

Edwin B

Simply put, they hate us because our love for freedom and freedom of religion are a direct threat to their version Islam as well as our support for Israel.

Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were not Christian fundamentalists. McVeigh grew up a catholic and later abandoned it. Terry Nichols converted to Christianity in jail, a point his defense lawyer used to successfully try to spare his life at his sentencing hearing.

What they did in Oklahoma City was based on their hatred of the government, not a religious ideology or version thereof. The same can't be said of the 9/11 attacks.


Amen & Amen!
We need to look at this tradegy stripped from its dressing and see the naked evil.

May the strength of love and grace bind up our wounds

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