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September 20, 2013


John McLarty

Interesting. It seems to me that living in a world of minimal privacy and utter non-forgetfulness will require us to practice forgiveness more radically than has been our wont. Otherwise, we will all be disqualified from all positions of trust.

Bob Mason

Great observations, Loren. It's kind of fun how the internet, so catalytic to the exponential growth of baloney in the world, also contributes heavily to the cause of honesty and integrity.

Ken McFarland

Certainly this excellent post invites reflection as to just what degree moral absolutism is to be our undeviating guide in applying the ninth commandment.

To what degree may moral relativism or even situational ethics be given a legitimate place in applying the ninth commandment to the pragmatic concerns of real living?

Finally, how would Jesus Himself apply His own law when it comes to these challenges of "lubricating, logistical, polite, charitable" and other such lies? Would He be consistently inflexible and absolute - and thus also in some cases risk being apparently unkind?

Plenty of room for serious thought here!

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