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October 13, 2013



I'm glad you posted this Loren. So many of us want to find the words that will comfort and encourage Monte and his family. We struggle sometimes with those words, but we feel deeply for someone like Monte and Norma. They have added so much value to our lives, coached us in person, and their books and research have aided us in our ministries. All of that and more makes this a time of grief we all share in somewhat. We all feel this loss. And we all want Monte and family to know how much they mean to us.

Jiggs Gallagher

Thank you for a deeply thoughtful piece, Loren. Norma visited me once when I was in the hospital, 40 years ago, and I wish I could have visited her now. I do a lot of music work in Jewish synagogues, and my wife is Jewish, so I've become quite familiar with Reform Jewish theology (at least the American version). They very, very rarely talk about an after-life, but they don't discount the possibility of it. They simply say, that's up to God to do what is best for us. Meanwhile the purpose of life, here, is to live it well, do good deeds, and leave a good name when you go. Can't ask for much more than that.

Leonard A. Hawley

Thanks Loren... may the Lord comfort the Sahlins and fill every broken, empty, wounded place in their hearts...

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