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October 08, 2013



I consider this a false choice. The American culture of the rule of law provides a moat of protection for both. Both provide a value chain with rich experiences for its adherents. Let's not be suckered by detractors of faith who only seek to impose more control over people's lives.

Jonathan Dough

Tax both. Poor kids can't afford to attend professional sports anyway, so don't worry so much about raising (taxing) ticket prices and use the extra it to pay teachers at least a tenth of what pro athletes get. That, plus taxing the NFL. Let's consider education at least as rich an experience as football; after all, unlike football, we all have a stake in better education.

As for churches, I live across the alley from a Catholic church and school. Especially when I ponder how wealthy the church is, it's annoying that I should have to pay the city to pick up their garbage for free, and that I should have to pay their fair share of property taxes for them when I'm not even an adherent. And to add insult to injury, I'm I don't have Someone to supply my every need like churches and their adherents do!

(And if they can't trust God to supply, then we should get that slogan off our money!)

Jonathan Dough

P.S. I could use a tax-free editing service! Sorry.

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