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August 08, 2015


Loren Seibold

Aren't there only about 1,000,000 Seventh-day Adventists in non-Latin North America? I see the numbers, but I don't quite see how 600,000 college-age people with a SDA religious preference is realistic.

Carrol Grady

Statistics are interesting, but I'm not sure how much to depend on them. However, I am concerned, for the future of our church, that the young people who stay with the church are not all GYC-type. Thankfully, I attend a church of a little over 250 membership, where we have an active young-adult group of around 20, and a good-size group of young parents, as well as "old people" like me (79) who are as active as we are able to be! Our church has a wide variety of religious viewpoints, economic status, racial background, musical tastes, and, on the whole, we are tolerant of each others' needs. I think if there were more churches like ours fewer young people would drop out.

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